Sweet Potato Hash Browns

Sweet Potato Hash Browns.doc37 KB
4 - 5 sweet potatoes, peeled and shredded
1 Tbs. onion powder
1 Tbs. garlic powder
pinch salt
pinch ground pepper
2 - 3 Tbs. olive oil or butter



  1. Peel and shred potatoes. (shred with a hand grater or in a food processor)
  2. Toss in a mixing bowl and add seasonings. Mix well.
  3. Heat oil in a large skillet (I prefer a cast iron skillet).
  4. Add potato mixture to skillet and let cook over medium heat for about 5+ minutes.
  5. Hash browns should start to crisp some before flipping to other side.
  6. Once they are browned and softened, they are done.
  7. Serve with a fried egg or any other protein you desire. (yum,yum) 

Adapted from www.nomnompaleo.com