Mema’s Banana Puddin’

Mema's Banana Puddin'.doc37 KB
2 large boxes of vanilla Jello Instant Pudding
2 large containers of Cool Whip
6-8 ripe bananas
2 boxes of Nilla Waffers
2 cups of chopped pecans


  1. Make the pudding as directed on the box
  2. Slice bananas
  3. In a large glass bowl you will layer the following:
    • Nilla Waffers
    • Sliced Bananas
    • Pudding
    • Cool Whip
    • Pecans
  4. Repeat the layers until the bowl has filled up.
  5. This recipe serves 8-10 people but you can always improvise
  6. As a matter of fact, if you are having an adult party and want to put an interesting twist to the dessert, you can dip the Nilla Waffers in rum.
  7. Let them sit on a cookie sheet to dry out a little before assembling the dessert. YUM!!!
  8. You can also make individual portions by putting the pudding layers in a half pint canning jar.

From: my Mema Eunice