Chicken & Veggie Italian Noodle Delight by Brandon Rhyder

Chicken & Veggie Italian Noodle Delight.doc39.5 KB
2 large Chicken Breast
1 bottle Italian Dressing
2 Tbs. Olive Oil
3 Garlic Cloves – pressed
½ bundle Asparagus
1 cup fresh Mushrooms
½ Tbs. Basil, Rosemary, Thyme & Oregano (or 1ts of each dry herb)
Sea Salt / Fresh Black Pepper to taste
Crushed Red Pepper to desired taste and heat
1 14 oz. can Hunt’s Fire Roasted Tomatoes with Garlic
1 – 2 cups bow-tie or spiral Whole Wheat Pasta
1 cup shredded Parmesan, Romano and Asiago Chesses (mixed)


  1. Marinate chicken in dressing w/ fresh garlic overnight or at least a few hours
  2. before cooking.
  3. Bring 2 qts water with 1 tsp of sea salt to boiling – cook pasta to al dente.
  4. Drain noodles and drizzle with olive oil – let sit while preparing the rest.
  5. Wash and pat dry marinated chicken.
  6. In a dutch oven or large skillet, heat olive oil to medium high heat and sear chicken on both sides for approx. 4 – 5 min per side. 
  7. Place chicken in separate dish and bake in oven set @ 350 for 20 min. (check center to make sure
  8. completely cooked before you pull it out of oven)
  9. While chicken is baking, slice all veggies and add to unwashed dutch oven or large skillet you seared the chicken in. 
  10. Add 1 tsp sea salt and fresh cracked pepper, the herbs and red pepper.
  11. Fold all together making sure to scrape the yum-yums off the bottom - Cooking for approx. 6 minutes. 
  12. Add Fire Roasted Tomatoes with Garlic and simmer on low heat.
  13. Once chicken is done, cut it into bite size pieces and fold into veggies.
  14. Add cheeses and fold together allowing it to melt.
  15. Serve with fresh strips of basil on top and fresh bread on the side.