Robert Stowell's "G.R.I.T.S"

Robert Stowell is originally from Florida, but the twist and turns of fate that lead him to Texas are quite interesting. His dream was to become a major league baseball player and he came very close while pitching for the AA Red Sox. Unfortunately, while sliding into second base, he broke his ankle. One year later he tried out for the Twins and didn't make it. Wondering what he was going to do outside of baseball, he and some friends went to a karaoke bar one night and Robert ended up on stage. After the crowd gave him a big thumbs up, he figured music may be his next step. He moved to Nashville and practically starved there. So, he went back to Florida and was able to get his single "Why Can't You" on the Florida charts. Now, he is in Texas touring all over and sharing his tunes from his latest EP which also includes the singles "G.R.I.T.S" (Girls Raised In The South), "Cold Day In Hell" and "Why Can't You".
The audience is listening, his fan base is growing and performing in Texas is serving him well.