About ~ My Texas Today

Amy Kushnir

Foodie, Mom and Girlfriend

Native Texan, Amy Kushnir shares passion for food, family, faith, fashion and all things that make her roots deep in the heart of Texas.

This down home girl not only strives to be the best but also to bring the best out in others around her. She doesn’t let any grass grow under her feet. A graduate of SMU, a full-time wife and mother of three believes that life is short and doing what you’re called to do, is doing what you love.

MyTexasToday was created out of sheer desire to promote the great state and pursue her dreams of sharing on-air.

Currently, D/FW wakes up to catch Amy co-host The Broadcast weekdays 9 - 11 am and each Saturday morning on the ABC affiliate, WFAA  where she serves as the “Cooking Contributor”. Her new cookbook, Red Dirt Recipes, was just released and is available on MyTexasToday.com. Beyond the TV screen, Amy connects with viewers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. 

Amy loves sharing recipes, tips, and loves inspiring others (especially moms) to get out there and pursue their dreams. She believes that moms really do have the upper hand and knowledge when it comes to today’s topics. But moms can get in the rut of feeling like they’ve lost their identity. As Amy continues to pursue her goals, she is encouraging others to do the same. “We all need a friend, a mentor, an encourager...and that’s me! I’m a darn good cheerleader!”.

Amy shares not only in front of the camera but also contributes weekly segments on 95.9 The Ranch in Ft. Worth as well as 107.1 KPUR in Amarillo.

Whether she’s speaking on camera or in front of a group, Amy works tirelessly to get her message out that you can make great food quickly and you can be a great wife and mother all while you are pursuing your dreams and purpose.